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Welcome to the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) at Dixie State University (DSU). We are here to promote and assist excellence in teaching and learning. The goals of CTL are to support the DSU teaching and learning community with services that include course planning and assistance, workshops and conferences, educational technology training, classroom/department evaluation and consultation, and several other services that can help improve teaching and learning at DSU.

 Current Articles

How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Explantation of what Imposter Syndrome is, why it’s prevalent in academia and how to overcome it.


Faculty Development Improves Teaching and Learning

Explanation of the role CTL’s play in improving faculty development and why it works.


6 Reasons Blended Learning Works

Discussion of the six ways blended learning is more effective than face-to-face and online classes.


Blended Learning is Proving More Effective Than Traditional Education

Recent findings at University of Iowa and Tennessee Department of Education who both studied the effects that blended courses have on students.


“Can You Hear Me Now?” Student Perspectives on Teaching & Learning 

Lunch and Learn Sept. 20, 2018


The Best Tool for Learning isn’t Very Flashy

There are several different pros and cons to think about when it comes to Ed Tech.


Test-Driving New Classroom Tech Initiatives

Professors share what they’re doing differently in the classroom this fall — and how they’ll measure the success of their experiments.


Designing & Leading a Study Abroad

Lunch & Learn Aug. 30, 2018


No Smartphones or Laptops in Class: Campuswide

Faculty members at one small college think a formal policy restricting personal technology use in the classroom will cut down on distractions and improve learning.


Will Trying New Teaching Techniques Tank My Evaluations?

Many professors fear that students will punish them for classroom experimentation. A new study suggests otherwise.