Spring 2019 Learning Innovation Mini-Grant

Due November 14, 2018

The Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) is now accepting applications for “Learning Innovation Mini-Grants.”  DSU defines “Learning Innovation” as “fresh, creative thinking that alters individual and institutional systems and practices to improve learning.”  The primary purpose of these mini-grants is to encourage faculty and staff members to improve student learning through innovative practices and/or technologies.  In addition, these grants can be used to provide seed money to support and promote further learning innovation projects at DSU.

CTL will award funds up to $2,500 per mini-grant (total funds available for these mini-grants are $7,500) for innovations implemented during the Spring 2019 semester. Mini-grants will be awarded to proposals that will directly impact student learning and could potentially provide a template for scaling the innovation to other contexts at DSU.

Click here for more information and application materials

For questions, please contact Bruce Harris, Director of CTL, at bruce.harris@dixie.edu or 435-879-4638.