Our Vision

Empower faculty in their pursuit of teaching excellence and innovation in a student-centered learning environment. Be recognized as one of the leading Centers for Teaching and Learning in Utah.

Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) is to promote innovation and excellence in teaching by providing faculty an array of resources to help them facilitate effective, efficient, and engaging student learning. A major emphasis of the CTL is to assist faculty members to integrate new learning technologies and proven teaching methods to engaged students in effective learning (e.g., experiential learning, problem-based learning, service learning, etc.).

Our Values

  • Identify and meet the needs of our clients (faculty and staff at Dixie State University). Before developing any programs and/or products, first identify who our clients are, their needs, when and where they need assistance, and what teaching methods they currently use.
  • Take care of our clients and keep them happy. All CTL staff are client-centered and will provide an excellent experience in every interaction with clients.
  • Take care of CTL staff and keep them happy. Happy CTL staff makes clients happy. Happy clients tell their friends and CTL grows and enjoys success in improving effective student learning at DSU.
  • Apply the principles of autonomy, mastery, and purpose to increase clients’ motivation to design and deliver effective, efficient, and engaging instruction.
  • Establish a winning culture in CTL (team work, integrity, industriousness, client focus, results driven, community involvement, leadership, and innovation).

Additional Information

  • CTL staff are available during our office hours, except when attending meetings or consulting with faculty members. We recommend setting up appointments in advance but also welcome walk-in visits and phone calls.
  • Faculty are encouraged to stop by to discuss pedagogy, learning technologies, get feedback on a syllabus, arrange a class visit or observation exchange, etc.