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Faculty Inservice Videos

Faculty Inservice Videos

In the training tools for faculty and staff are a series of short videos created to introduce faculty and staff to different departments and areas at DSU.  Under the direction of the office of the vice president of academics, the videos were created with the help of David Wade and the newly formed Center for Teaching & Learning.

Meant to replace the week of meetings the week before fall semester that can sometime feel overwhelming and dense, this series of videos are meant to be used as a timely resource throughout the year and as a reference and  guide to find the resources you are looking for.

Please let us know if any of the information is wrong or outdated or if there is any other department or area you would like to see videos created for.


NCAA Rules

Video by Susan Ertel

Faculty Athletics Representative
Phone: 435-652-7661


Academic Assessment

Video by Assunta Hardy

Director of Academic Assessment
Phone: 435-652-7508
Academic Assessment website


Disability Resource Center

Video by Baako Wahabu

Disability Resource Center Director
Phone: 435-652-7880
Disability Resource Center website


Disaster Preparation

Video by Josh Thayn

Risk Manager/ Safety Officer/ Fire Marshal
Phone: 435-652-7855
Risk Management & Safety website


Disruptive Behavior

Video by Del Beatty

Dean of Students
Phone: 435-652-7514
Disruptive Behavior Guidelines
Dean of Students Office


Early Alert & Retention

Video by David Roos

Enrollment Services Executive Director
Phone: 435-652-7704
Student Success & Retention Center


Faculty Senate

Video by Nate Staheli

Faculty Senate Representative
Phone: 435-879-4336
Faculty Senate website
Faculty Senate Executive Committee



Video by Julie Stender

Phone: 435-652-7708
Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act handout
US Department of Education - FERPA website


Video by Bill O’Neill

Grants Compliance
Phone: 435-879-4367


Health & Wellness

Video by Del Beatty

Dean of Students
Phone: 435-652-7514
Health & Wellness Center
Dean of Students Office


Institutional Review Board for Research Projects

Video by Andrea Brown

Institutional Research and Assessment Director
Phone: 435-652-7595
IRB website
IRB forms
IRB examples
Free IRB training by NIH



Video by Rich Pastenbaugh

Library Dean
Phone: 435-652-7711
Library Staff
Dixie State University Library


NWCCU Institutional Accreditation

Video by Deb Bryant

NWCCU Accreditation Liaison
Phone 435-879-4281
Accreditation website
NWCCU website



Video by Becky Smith

Academic & Community Outreach Dean
Phone: 435-652-7836


Student Message to Faculty

Video by Greg Layton

Student Association contact list
What is the Student Senate? Who's my senator?
Student Life Clubs


Undergraduate Research

Video by Stephen Armstrong

Undergraduate Research Chair
Phone: 435-652-4488
Undergraduate Research website