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Personalized Active Learning Model (PALM)

The Personalized Active Learning Model (PALM) was developed by the Dixie State University (DSU) New Faculty Training Steering Committee and the DSU Promoting Student Success Summit Steering Committee in collaboration with the Center for Teaching & Learning during the summer of 2015. The primary purpose of this model is to promote a more learner-centered, active learning approach to teaching and learning on the DSU campus, i.e., to help faculty members develop and deliver instruction to ensure learners are actively and effectively engaged in the learning process.

PALM is a working model--it is a draft. We would like faculty input and feedback to improve the model so faculty members will have ownership of it. PALM is not an all-in-one (comprehensive) model that is intended to represent all teaching and learning situations or to replace what faculty may be currently using. It is not required to use this model. It is a resource that can be used to assist and help faculty members. It is intended to be used at the lesson, module, or daily class period level—it is not a macro level teaching and learning model for an entire course.

Below is a link to a document that describes the PALM model in more detail.