Center for Teaching & Learning Resources

Faculty In Service: Meant to replace the week of meetings the week before fall semester that can sometime feel overwhelming and dense, this series of videos is meant to be used as a timely resource throughout the year, and as a reference to find the campus resources you need.

Past CTL Events: A collection of recordings, materials, and other information for a variety of CTL events held over the past few years.

Professional Learning Resources: The CTL provides access to a wealth of online learning tools for all Faculty and Staff to use. These include Magna Commons, Hoonuit, Faculty Focus, and Mentor Commons.

Outside Resources

60 Seconds on Teaching: Series from the Faculty Development Center from Murray State University

CET Video Archive: University of Southern California Center for Excellence in Teaching Video Archive of all CET events. These videos range in length from ten minute overviews to hour-long workshops and cover many topics.