Fall Faculty Forum 2018

This years Faculty Forum was held on August 14, 2018. Links below are PowerPoint's used by presenters on various topics.


President Williams & Provost Michael Lacourse: Convocation 

Note:  Discussed are the many accomplishments DSU faculty and students have reached during the 2017-2018 school year as well as the vision for this coming school year and future semesters.

Provost Michael Lacourse: Active Learning Strategies for Teaching and Learning

Note: Explanation of why shifting the teaching and learning style is critical at DSU.  

Integration across Disciplines 

Jeff Yule: Innovation

Note: Example of the innovative class environment Jeff Yule has applied in some of his courses.

Debra Bryant: Developing Innovation

Note: Key pieces of creating an innovative classroom are addressed.  


Maria Ortiz: Critical Thinking Worksheet 

Note: Questions that address what to expect from students and how to evaluate learning.

Shandon Gubler: Teach to Learn- Learn to Teach: Leadership

Note: Explanation of how students benefit from teaching the professional what they are learning in class.

Erin Ortiz: Communication 1280 Sample

Note: Explanation of PLO's, CLO's and ILO's.  


Brenda Armstrong- ILO Responsibility

Note: Active Learning Strategies.  

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