Upcoming Events

See the calendar on the left  or the links below for information about upcoming events. Days that are highlighted in blue on the calendar have upcoming events. You can click on each day to find out more about the event and to register.

Lunch & Learn Series

If you have a topic you think would make for a good Lunch & Learn discussion or if you are interested in presenting something yourself, email us and let us know.

Lunch & Learn Current Schedule

CTL Workshops

CTL manages and runs several hands-on workshops throughout the year.  We produce these workshops at the request of a department or group, or if we feel there is a topic that we are getting a lot of requests for.  Please let us know if there is training or a workshop you would like to see or participate in.

CTL Workshops Current Schedule

Canvas Workshops

In cooperation with IT Instructional Services, CTL sponsors Canvas workshops throughout the year. In addition, we will be offering Canvas Open Sessions (no set topic, just come and get help from the experts).

Canvas Workshops Current Schedule

Annual Teaching and Learning Conference

Each year during the spring semester the Center for Teaching & Learning and the Teaching and Learning Committee join together to offer the Annual Teaching and Learning Conference at Dixie State University. The purpose of this conference is to provide an opportunity for DSU faculty and staff to share and learn new teaching and learning best practices, innovations, and lessons learned to promote the scholarship of teaching and learning on campus.

3rd Annual Teaching & Learning Conference