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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

See the calendar on the left or the dropdown menus below for information about upcoming events. Days that are highlighted in red on the calendar have upcoming events. You can click on each day to find out more about the event and to register. Event recordings can be found on the "Past Events" page.

Lunch & Learn Series

Fall 2019 Schedule 12:00-12:50pm in HCC 325

The sessions are designed to be an opportunity for faculty and staff to learn about engaged/experiential teaching methods and new learning technologies in a relaxed environment.

All DSU faculty and staff are welcome to participate. Advanced registration is encouraged and seating is available on a first come, first served basis. Sessions are usually held in the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) Experimental Classroom (Holland Building 325). Light refreshments such as drinks, brownies or cookies, and a fruit or vegetable tray will be provided are served. Please bring your own brown bag lunch.

If you have a topic for a discussion or are interested in presenting something yourself, email us and let us know.

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Sept 5 - HCC 325 Noon to 1PM Topic TBA

Oct 3 - HCC 325 Noon to 1PM Topic TBA

Nov 7 - HCC 325 Noon to 1PM Topic TBA

Technology tools & general Workshops

CTL manages and runs several hands-on workshops throughout the year.  We produce these workshops at the request of a department or group, or if we feel there is a topic that we are getting a lot of requests for.  Please let us know if there is training or a workshop you would like to see or participate in.

Spring 2019 Schedule

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Sept 12 - HCC 234 1PM to 2PM

Oct 3 - HCC 234 1PM to 2PM

Nov 14 - HCC 234 1PM to 2PM

Canvas Users Group

In cooperation with IT Instructional Services, CTL sponsors a Canvas Users Group for all DSU faculty and staff to learn how to use Canvas more effectively. We will meet face-to-face each semester, as well as have discussions online. Be sure to join our Online Canvas Users Group community as well.

Spring 2019 Schedule 2:00 – 3:00 pm in HCC 234

Each meeting will be devoted to sharing and best practices around a particular area in Canvas.

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Jan 29 – January Meeting

Feb 26 – February Drop-in Help Session

Mar 26 – March Drop-in Help Session

Faculty Learning Communities

Building upon what was started in Spring 2018, the Center for Teaching & Learning is forming a “Teacher Improvement Group” with regular face-to-face meetings for interested DSU faculty. The idea is to have a group of 5-8 teachers meet on a regular basis( 2-4 times per month) to discuss pedagogy and give each other feedback on teaching, based on individually determined improvement goals.  Drinks and light refreshments will be served.

Spring 2019 Schedule

Two groups will be facilitated by our new CTL faculty fellows, Janet Campbell (Group 1) and Susan Ertel (Group 2).

Sept 19 - HCC 325 2PM to 3:30PM Topic TBA

Oct 24 - HCC 325 2PM to 3:30PM Topic TBA

Nov 21 - HCC 325 2PM to 3:30PM Topic TBA

More About the Teacher Improvement Groups

The objective of the group is to help advance a culture of teaching excellence at DSU.

Each participant will self-select some readings/learning material on pedagogy. Time will be allotted each meeting for some participants (2-3) to report on what they are learning from their respective reading. This opportunity will rotate so each participant will have multiple opportunities to report in the course of a semester. There will be open discussion time about the reported learnings. Each participant will record teaching sessions and have 2 or 3 focused opportunities during the semester to receive feedback from the other group members on their teaching. Participants will upload their recorded teaching sessions to a Canvas shell where other participants can view the teaching session and prepare feedback. The feedback from group members will be based on teaching goals the person in focus had set for him or herself with the option of having some overall feedback as well. A typical meeting agenda might look like this:

  1. Call to order
  2. Pedagogy learning reports and discussion (20-25 minutes)
  3. Group feedback on the teaching example (20-25 minutes)
  4. Determining who would be presenting reports and receiving feedback for next meeting
  5. Adjourn

If you would like to participate in this community, please contact Scott Allen.

Learning Innovation Discussions

CTL will occasionally provide discussions of learning innovation topics in a group setting for DSU faculty and staff.

Feb 5 - The Case Against Education with Bryan Caplan

Mar 7 - Innovation and Technology's Role in Higher Education

Apr 3 - This Old House

Annual Teaching and Learning Conference

Each year during the spring semester the Center for Teaching & Learning and the Teaching and Learning Committee join together to offer the Annual Teaching and Learning Conference at Dixie State University. The purpose of this conference is to provide an opportunity for DSU faculty and staff to share and learn new teaching and learning best practices, innovations, and lessons learned to promote the scholarship of teaching and learning on campus.

2019 Teaching & Learning Conference- More information