2016-2017 Workshops

Sep 13- Active Learning with Student Response Systems and Canvas Using clickers or a software-based student response system can be an effective way to get student input or test student understanding of concepts in the classroom. Jared Johnson, David Mortensen, and Scott Allen reviewed several student response systems over the summer and will demonstrate two of these systems that work well and integrate with Canvas: Poll Everywhere and Squarecap. Bring your mobile device and come learn how these systems can be used in the classroom and with Canvas. Sep 28- Putting the Pieces Together: Using CLOs to Guide Course Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment The purpose of this presentation is to help faculty members as they work on the parts of their courses that come before the grading and the formal assessment processes (these aspects of assessment have been discussed at length in other workshops and training sessions). Questions the presenters will discuss during this workshop will include:
  • How can faculty members use Course Learning Outcomes in the initial design phase of courses and in the construction of daily class sessions?
  • How can faculty members informally assess student learning as class is happening?
Strategies for course design, assignment design and classroom delivery will be formally presented, after a brief consideration of effectively-worded CLOs. In addition to presentations, the workshop will include question and answer time and participant group work. The work of L. Dee Fink, Ph.D. will be consulted and referred to in several parts of the presentation. Oct 12- Office Mix Part 1 Oct 26- Office Mix Part 2 Nov 8- Using Jing and Screencast.com to capture computer screen images or short video Jing is free software for Mac and PC to capture still images or video (5 minutes or less) of your computer screen. You can also get a free screencast.com account and upload your images or video to screencast.com and share with others. This workshop will show how to download and install Jing, capture screen images or video, and save the images/video or upload to screencast.com and share. Jan 24- Computer Classroom Management Software: Faronics Insight Feb 2- Active Learning with Student Response Systems Feb 15- Incorporating Text Messaging Into Your Classes with Remind.com Feb 28- Google Drive - Unlimited Cloud Storage for All of Your Files Mar 29- Collaborating on Documents with Google Drive